Club Trophy Room List

Club Original Trophies

Ochs Trophy 1931-1955
Mahler Trophy 1931-1955
Noble Trophy 1931-1956

Club Events

Men's A Event Winner 1998-2000
Mixed B Event 2001-2023
Mixed B Event Runnerup 2002
Mixed C Trophy 2001-2003
Mixed Curling First Place 1986-87
Mixed Runnerup Trophy 1997-2004
Mixed Winner Trophy 1997-2023
Monday Men's B Event Winner 1997-2023
Monday Men's League Champion 1985-2023
Old Bear Senior Tournament 1 Game Winner Trophy 2011-2023
Old Bear Senior Tournament 2 Game Winner Trophy 2011-2023
Thursday Night League Winner 2006-2023
Thursday Night Open A Event 1983-2006
Thursday Night Open B Event 1997-2023

Sponsored Events

Alan Frost Memorial Trophy Presented Annually to the Kapuskasing Curling Club Winner in British Consols Play 1983, 2005-2006
Braden's Jewellery Plaque for Vice Skips Annual Competition 1953-1961
Nadon's Jewellery Open Event 1970-1989
Perkus Limited Trophy-Annual Competition 1956-1974
Spruce Falls Annual Spiel 1980-1983
T. & N.O. Curling Association Annual Mixed Bonspiel for the O'Keefe Trophy 1964-1970

Ladies Curling Leagues/Events

Afternoon Ladies 1990-2011
Business Girls Annual Award 1964-1984
Business Girls-Colt Event 1984-1990
Business Girls-Nadon's Jewellery Plaque 1987-2007
Business Girls-Shoppers Drug Mart Plaque 1997-2007
Business Girls-Trident Real Estate Plaque 1992-2006
Collins Barrow Trophy 1992-2011
Kap Fashion Ladies Wear 1972-1980
Ladies Alice Downie Trophy 1983-1984
Ladies Draw 1 First Place 1981-2023
Ladies Draw 2 First Place 1987-2023
Ladies Goldie Black Trophy 1969-1989
Ladies Minard Trophy 1950-1984
Ladies Noble Trophy 1949-1974
Wes Cook Trophy 1948-1971
Work World Trophy 1975-2001

Recognition Awards

2005 Teranet
Fundraising Recognition Plaque
Northern Times Challenge Shield

Junior Curling

Elementary Schools Trophy 2014-2019
Spruce Motors Trophy 1953-1966

Brewers/Distillers Events

Calvert Trophy 1955-1956
Carling Red Cap Trophy 1955-1968
Hiram Walker Trophy 1955-2005
O'Keefe Trophy 1959-1967
Seagram Trophy 1953-1968